SO the level of crime being recorded in primary and secondary schools in the area has rocketed, why would anybody be surprised? The legacy of the last few decades in our education sector has been one of pandering to the policies of liberals and do-gooders which has seen any sense of discipline being systematically stripped away, making these new figures all but inevitable.

The worst part about it is this assault on common sense was done on the grounds of safeguarding children, yet it’s led to an environment where they’re more exposed to crime and left lacking in discipline and work ethic when they move into employment.

Every excuse will be made by politicians to blame lack of funding for these problems, complete rubbish.

The education sector is awash with cash, just look at all the local schools with brand new buildings, VLE systems and computers in every classroom.

I had none of that, I needed none of that. It’s the collapse of the social structure in schools which has caused this deterioration and the only way to fix it is to start turning the clock back.

Scott Marmion,

Woothorpe, York