GOOD news from the Treasury yesterday but it throws up more questions.

1. A business rate holiday for businesses with a rateable value under £51,000. My rateable value is £13,250. Does that mean I can stop paying my business tax with immediate effect? If not, when and how will it work?

2. The Government will meet the cost of paying sick pay from day one for 14 days? When does that take effect? Now?

3. A £3,000 cash grant to businesses eligible for small business rate relief.

I get small business rate relief, but my business rates are to be suspended for a year as my rateable value is £13,250 – so does that mean I don’t pay business rates for the next AND I can claim the £3,000 cash grant? If so, how and when?

David Binelli, director

Alterations Express Ltd.

Sew n Sew York Ltd.


Shambles, York