It says a lot about York Labour’s priorities that the main criticism they seem to have about the Lib Dem-Green budget, passed a couple of weeks ago, is that it provides £40,000 for pupil premium children to have access to a summer school at transition age from primary to secondary.

Not only did two Labour speakers at the council meeting that passed the budget argue against this funding, but Cllr Fitzpatrick spent a good third of her recent letter (Council budgets will hit young people, March 10) on this one issue.

This is money that will go directly to help some of the most disadvantaged children in York enjoy some of the sorts of experiences that less disadvantaged children are able to. It will help smooth the transition from primary to secondary education, and will be a part (of course not all) of the strategy to tackle the attainment gap.

It is a real shame Labour don’t think it is worth funding. I had assumed when they proposed cutting the funding that they simply hadn’t understood what it was, but given the concerted campaign since it was explained it is hard to continue to give Labour the benefit of the doubt.

I’m proud that these summer schools have been agreed by the Lib Dem-Green administration. They will, along with the investment of £500,000 to improve school accessibility, £30,000 for Early Years support schemes and an additional £50,000 to deliver early mental health support, help to improve the lives of York’s young people.

Cllr Andrew Hollyer,

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Haxby and Wigginton,

The Village, Haxby