Are our airlines taking care of their employees? No, they are not. My husband works for BA. They have been given a free bottle of hand sanitiser. This is utterly ridiculous. The big message is that international travel is spreading the coronavirus. Anyone who works in a transport hub is exposed to thousands of travellers every day, exposing themselves and their home communities when their shifts are over, to this disease. If the government had a spine, it would suspend international travel for however long the medical experts recommend. We are an island nation, let us make use of our natural sea-bound borders.

Joanna Appleby

Appleton Roebuck, York

Don’t panic! There’s enough for everyone

Sanitisers, toilet rolls and headache tablets are sold out due to coronavirus panic buying. People should remember Corporal Jones saying in Dad’s Army ‘Don’t panic!’ If everyone shopped normally, there would be enough for all.

Maureen Robinson, Broadway

Soap and hot water is the best virus defence

Seen advertised in a local chemist window: buy ‘sterilising fluid’, effective against coronavirus plus rotavirus at £3.50. A better idea would be to save £3, buy a bar of soap and use with hot water.

Peter Rickaby

West Park, Selby