A NEW business networking club is being launched in York with a focus on members proactively supporting each other.

Ros Jones is behind the Business Wellbeing Club (BWC) which aims to foster greater collaboration and support between businesses.

It will also provide opportunities for members to learn and develop for their own personal benefit and to grow their business.

Ros said BWC will have regular meet-ups and a website offering a platform for members to promote their business, training and learning opportunities.

"It is very much about values, and about collaboration," she said. "It is about proactively supporting each other."

This can be through making introductions, she said.

Ros is a business wellbeing and growth coach in York and North Yorkshire, and a clinical hypnotherapist. She previously worked in information systems management in large corporate environments.

The BWC is also being launched in Scarborough.

"I've created the BWC out of two things that are really important to me and that I love doing," she said. "I created it because I love networking and introducing people to other people who will be useful to them."

"I probably spend about a day a week doing this already, and I want to encourage others to do the same. I'm also passionate about learning and believe that if you want to grow your business you have to grow yourself first and that means learning new stuff."

She added: "The idea is that for a business to be well it needs other businesses to support it. We all need businesses to help us. I think that as individuals we are supposed to be well. If we are not well that's a sign that something is wrong in our lives. It is the same with business. If it is not well we ask for help to fix it."

The club is being launched at 6.30pm on March 25 at Fairfield Manor, Shipton Road. Anyone is welcome to attend. It will meet from 12pm to 2pm at the Fairfield Manor on the second Wednesday of each month for networking, a learning event over a buffet lunch and then active sharing of support and introductions.

"It will grow," said Ros. "I see this as a new way of doing business, a new kinder way."

For details email Ros Jones at rosjones@businesswellbeing.club