In our latest Meet the Boss series of features, we catch up with John Leach, co-founder of York-based quiz tech firm SpeedQuizzing

What job would you like to have other than your own?

Prior to SpeedQuizzing and the rise of my career in web and software development, I have always been heavily involved in electronic music, both dance music and film soundtrack. I did some higher education in this area at York St John in the 2000s. I still keep my hand in with music technology as an active hobby and so I can safely say this is the area I would be keen to work in if I wasn't doing this.

Greatest achievement?

My wife Corinna and I have successfully raised three fantastic children over the past ten years without any major incidents, which makes me very proud. Within the realm of work, the success of SpeedQuizzing has surpassed any career aspirations I may have had.

What makes you most angry?

I'm not a quick to anger type of person. World politics upsets me, so I seldom watch or read the news. It really grinds my gears whenever I go to buy a computer peripheral and I’m faced with an eye-wateringly expensive price tag. The current trend in electronics accessories is for greedy companies and shops to assume the customer is too dumb to understand how little these items cost to manufacture and so will blindly hand over any obscene amount of money they are asked.

Biggest mistake?

I was quite a wayward teenager and, as a result, I left school at 16 with close to no qualifications. Only after becoming an adult did I seek to repair this by training myself at the things I wanted to be good at.

What would make life complete?

Within my family/friends/work/hobbies bubble, everything feels reasonably complete. Outside of this though, the world as it currently is does cause me a fair amount of anxiety, especially from the perspective of a parent.

Why do you make a difference?

When I set my mind to achieving something, I do generally achieve it. Software development is primarily problem solving and a talent of mine is being able to logically diagnose problems and draw good conclusions.

SpeedQuizzing was born out of me and my brother growing frustrated about the amount of cheating in pen and paper model pub quizzes. We wanted to do something to address that and improve the experience for the thousands who play every week and that’s why we created the SpeedQuizzing app and quiz platform.

We’re thrilled with its success to date but won’t be resting on our laurels and we’re always looking to improve it.

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