Labour proposed several changes to the Lib Dem-Green budget voted through recently. As well as proposing to reverse increases to bereavement services charges, Labour also proposed exempting those leaving care from paying council tax until they are 25. Both measures were rejected by the coalition parties.

We reject those Lib Dem gimmicks that will have no lasting benefit. The city centre ‘Purple Flag’ scheme will cost the taxpayer but do nothing to improve city centre safety that can’t be done without it. Similarly, the Lib Dems expect the public to believe a one-off payment of £40,000 for ‘cultural activities’ this summer will narrow the dreadful attainment gap (between the children who do best and least well at school) in York, a problem that will take years to begin to address. Labour proposed ditching this in favour of adding £100,000 every year for more meaningful youth club support and young people’s outreach work, as well as reversing £150,000 of Liberal Democrat cuts to early intervention and prevention services for vulnerable children.

The cuts are all the more astonishing given that the council has recently received two scathing Ofsted reports for its work with vulnerable children.

Cllr. Fiona Fitzpatrick (Labour),

Rowntree Wharf, York