We would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to protect Clementhorpe during the floods. The council and its staff, volunteers from the Clementhorpe Community Emergency Response Committee, boffins at the Environment Agency, MP Rachael Maskell and local residents pulled together to make sure we stayed safe and dry. Let’s hope the Environment Agency now cracks on with permanent measures to protect all riverside properties.

Cllrs Pete Kilbane and Jonny Crawshaw (Labour),

Bishophill Junior/

Wentworth Road, York

... but there should be more support for victims

Many people across York worked hard to support victims of flooding from storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge, including staff of the Environment Agency, local councils and volunteers. The government has done little to help flood victims, but I would like to thank all who helped.

Tom Franklin,

chair, York Green Party

Frazer Court, York