As a former member of staff of the University of York and someone who has worked on transport with the City of York Council and praised its best practice policies over many years I am alarmed and disappointed to see the reluctance of the council to embrace 20mph on residential streets throughout the city.

Two weeks ago I attended a global road safety conference in Stockholm organised by the World Health Organisation and this produced the Stockholm Declaration calling for a maximum road travel speed limit of 30kph/20mph in areas where vulnerable road users and vehicles mix.

This is supported by all UK public health bodies including the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Heath so why does the council not do it?

I call on all councillors to adopt 20mph on residential streets immediately and deliver the multiple befits of improved road safety, improved air quality, improved public health physical activity and reduced carbon emissions.

Professor John Whitelegg,

Longner Street, Shrewsbury