Remember we were told Brexit was about cutting red tape and saving us money? On Friday Michael Gove announced the UK needs to hire 50,000 staff to handle border control paperwork. Why? Because for 40 years we haven’t needed customs controls; the UK enjoyed free trade with the EU.

Along with a mountain of new red tape, British businesses will enjoy massive delays for freight. Assume these new penpushers are all paid £20,000 a year and that is £1 billion a year extra on red tape. And this is just one tiny part of what Brexit will cost. Don’t expect money for the NHS.

We also heard this week that the Government is taking the UK out of the European Arrest Warrant, which according to the police means that bringing criminals to justice will take months or years instead of weeks. So-called ‘Project Fear’ got it absolutely right.

Christian Vassie,

Blake Court, Wheldrake, York