I note that in the letter being sent to parents of children at Fulford school the tone of some of the remarks made about the headteacher is described as ‘totally against the spirit of the consultation and ... at odds with the values of our school’ (School blazers to replace sweatshirts, February 29). Whenever I hear that phrase the word ‘values’ is simply a euphemism for the political opinions of those in charge of the organisation.

I’ve no opinion over the choice of uniform but I recognise contempt for public opinion when I see it. To hold a consultation, completely overrule the democratic input and then have the cheek to lecture parents about how they’re the ones who must respect the process? Who do they think they are?

If parents rightly want to express their opinions they should be free to do so without challenge, otherwise it escalates and we witness incidents like Humberside police coming to ‘check the thinking’ of citizens simply because it conflicts with the so called ‘values’ of an organisation.

Dr Scott Marmion, Woodthorpe, York