A PLUCKY teenager who came to the aid of a young man who was knocked unconscious after falling down stairs at York station has come forward following an appeal.

York College student Jack Metcalfe, 18, was with his friends Maisy Savage and Iris Simmons running to catch a train at York station on Tuesday when they came down the stairs to find Ethan Stott lying unconscious and covered in blood.

Jack said: "At the same time as we saw Ethan a guy called Rich who works for LNER arrived and started giving him First Aid. I could see that Ethan had hit his head pretty hard and had suffered a head trauma, there was a lot of blood. I called 999 and we followed the advice of the lady on the other end of the phone. I was really glad to have other people there. It was the first time I'd made a 999 call and Rich was amazing."

As The Press reported yesterday, Yorkshire Ambulance Service received reports about the incident at around 6.10pm on Tuesday and took Ethan to hospital.

Ethan is from Harrogate and was in York to catch a train at rush hour when he fell down the footbridge stairs and was knocked unconscious.

He was looked after by Jack and Rich until paramedics arrived to take him to hospital.

Ethan's mother, Amanda, posted this message on Facebook: "Hello, is anyone a member of a Facebook group that’s York based that could post something for me?

"Ethan had a nasty fall down the steps of York Train Station last night.

"He was knocked unconscious and lost a lot of blood from a severe head trauma.

"Some people stopped to help him, called 999 and waited with Ethan til the paramedics arrived.

"I’m eternally grateful for what they did; Ethan was alone and seriously hurt and they’ve massively helped his chances of a full recovery by acting so quickly and taking care of him.

"I’m trying to trace anyone who was there to help, as I’d love to thank them personally.

"LNER are helping but so far I’ve only got one name and this may not be right.

"A chap called Jake mid to late twenties.

"If you know anyone who commutes through York that might have seen something that would be great too."

Jack, who lives in Holgate and is studying A-levels at York College, said: "I just hope Ethan is ok. I haven't heard anything since it happened and I hope he's going to make a full recovery."

Speaking to The Press this afternoon (February 28) Amanda said she will now contact Jack and hopes to reunite Ethan with his rescuers once he's fully fit.

She said 18-year-old Ethan is now recovering at home.

"Ethan is improving a little each day, which is reassuring. He is doing well under the circumstances," said Amanda.

"When he fell down the stairs his head took the full impact. He was left with a huge wound on the back of his head.

"It's amazing that people stopped to help. They were all such stars and what they did made a big difference to Ethan. They reacted so quickly to help stop the loss of blood.

"I have spoken to a chap called Tom from LNER who was also there helping at the time - as I understand it there were about five of them - and I really hope that they can all be reunited so I can thank them when Ethan is well again."