RESIDENTS in a small village south of Selby are calling for action against lorry drivers who are ignoring road closure signs and then damaging a traffic island.

The village of Burn sits on the A19 which has been blocked by flood damage a few miles away at Chapel Haddlesey and will be closed to traffic for several weeks.

The closure signs are posted at a nearby roundabout on the Selby by-pass but already heavy lorries are ignoring them, reaching Burn and then turning round to go back.

When turning around, the lorries are causing damage to a traffic island Burn at the junction of West Lane and Main Road.

This has resulted in damage to both a bollard and spring flowers and large muddy tyre tracks in the grass.

Burn Parish Council chairman, Chris Phillipson, said: "The triangle at the turn off to West Lane is a mess. It’s a shame because it is looked after by village volunteers who do their best to make it an attractive space with seasonal planting.

"However, it’s also situated on a bad, almost blind bend on the southern approach to Burn, round which vehicles are frequently driven at speed with scant regard to our electronic 30 miles per hour sign.

"The worry, apart from the damage, is that someone will barrel round the corner and slam straight into a lorry trying to turn around or into someone ahead of them waiting for the road to be clear.

"We are in touch with the police and the Highways authorities over this situation.

"We know that Burn has a terrible traffic problem – the speed, size and quantity of vehicles thundering through the village has become totally unacceptable following the opening of the Selby by-pass.

"While the road closure between Wade Lane and Chapel Haddlesey gives residents some welcome respite from the constant noise and ground tremors, we have no wish to see people hurt due to drivers ignoring the warnings.”