Our series of Meet the Boss Q&As, we catch up with Ellen Cole, of Little Seed Group

What job would you like to have other than your own?

If I wasn’t running my own marketing, PR and social media business then I would either want to manage large-scale music festivals or run my own hedgehog hospital. I spend most of my spare time driving across Yorkshire helping out at hedgehog rescues whether that be cleaning out the hedgehogs, hand-feeding babies during hoglet season or picking up hedgehogs for rescues.

Greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is creating and sustaining a thriving business. It was difficult when I first started my business journey, however I wouldn’t change it for the world. Fast forward two years and I now have a waiting list of clients and have the opportunity to work with businesses not just in York and North Yorkshire, but also across the UK.

What makes you most angry?


Biggest mistake?

There are a few things I look back on and wish I had done it differently, however making mistakes and learning from them is the only way you can improve yourself as a business owner.

What would make life complete?

I don’t think my life will ever be complete, however, long-term I am looking to give back more to the business world by mentoring those wishing to get into business. When I first started my journey into business, I embarked on a Dyslexic Entrepreneur Scheme which really helped me to find my way when I finally decided to start my own business. The service available to me back then is now no longer available which I feel is such a shame to the business community. Currently, I am mentoring (voluntarily) two dyslexic entrepreneurs, who have amazing business ideas, however, are struggling to turn their ideas into reality. They will both be launching their businesses in 2020 and I could not be any prouder of them. They have become more confident and feel more business-ready to pursue their dreams.

Why do you make a difference?

My main value in business is to make a difference. I make a difference in all the businesses I work with to enhance their reputation and customer base. Over the years, I’ve helped a failing business turn its fortunes around, secured clients with award wins, obtained high-profile media opportunities, increased daytime trade by 38% for a small restaurant chain in six months plus more.

For me, there’s nothing nicer than seeing your work making a difference to another business and empowering them to become more open to new ways to help their business to thrive through on and offline communications.