POLICE caught a drug dealer cycling through York with nearly £2,000 of his illegal stock at 1.25am, the city’s crown court heard.

Officers were searching Clifton for suspects in a different matter when they saw Carl Joseph Hambier, 29, and another man on bicycles and stopped them, said Martin Robertshaw, prosecuting.

Hambier claimed he had just been to a house party, but refused to say where and police could smell cannabis.

So they searched his rucksack and found drugs and drugs paraphernalia.

They arrested him and took him to Fulford Road Police Station for a more detailed search.

All together he had cannabis worth between £1,074 and £1,204, and 79 Ecstasy tablets worth between £395 and £790.

Police also found many drug dealing related messages on his phone.

Recorder Simon Jackson QC told Hambier: “You have a reckless disregard for the impact of your dealing activities in connection with others.

“These offences were so serious only a significant custodial sentence is appropriate.”

He jailed him for 28 months.

The judge said he took into account that Hambier had “long standing” complex mental health problems including emotional difficulties and probably an autistic spectrum disorder. He also had mild depression.

But a psychiatrist had decided that mental health difficulties were not the reason Hambier had been drug dealing and there was no evidence he had committed his crimes under pressure from other people.

Hambier, of White Rose Avenue, New Earswick, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply Ecstasy and possession with intent to supply cannabis.

For him, Sean Smith said Hambier accepted he was street dealing for profit.

He was having counselling for his mental health problems.

Mr Robertshaw said two police officers spotted Hambier and his companion on Burtonstone Lane early on New Year's Eve, 2018.

In addition to the drugs he had £155 in cash.

He told officers he was a cannabis user and sold drugs to fund his habit.