AN INTERNATIONAL chess master came up against 18 junior players in York - with two of them holding out for a draw.

Simon Ansell took on 18 juniors in a simultaneous display at York Railway Institute.

After nearly three hours of intense concentration, Simon chalked up his 16th win.

Several of the games were hard-fought and two junior players managed draws.

The players who came out level with Simon were 12-year-old Aaron Rich, a student at Fulford, and 16-year-old Tom Werner, a German player who is studying in Huntingdon for a year.

Simon said: “There were some excellent games.

“Aaron and Tom played very well and showed huge promise.

“One of the hardest things was spending three hours on my feet.”

Simon is one of two international chess masters based in York.

York Junior Chess Club takes place in Room One at the Railway Institute every Tuesday during term time at 5.30pm.

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