Ingrid Newkirk of PETA (Letters, February 10) throws light on the widespread human reluctance to recognise that we are able to enjoy life on this Planet Earth because it is - as it has been for millions of years - a home we share with thousands of other life-forms, all of equal worth and functional importance, living interdependently.

Every form of life, from blue whales to bacteria and from redwoods to mildew, fulfils a specific function in the system.

The current willingness of human individuals and governments - such as our own - to condone greed-driven human activity, which is destroying habitats and making life unsustainable for hundred of species of plants, fish, birds, animals and insects, is inexcusable.

It is their world no less than our own. Or role is to preserve it. The fact that we can game the system is not a reason for doing so.

Maurice Vassie,

Deighton, York