Does your ‘Five designs for the NRM hall unveiled’ report (February 13) mean that the right to build across an adjacent public highway (Leeman Road) has been legally decided?

Ownership of buildings or land next to a public road often includes title to the ownership of ground beneath the road up to its centre-line – and similarly with the space over the road, subject to various conditions.

Thus, where buildings in the same ownership are at both sides of a road (and opposite each other), that title will extend to the full width of the road.

If such ‘both sides of the road’ ownership means that such a road can be closed and built over, then there must be many such locations.

Can each and every one of them have a right to build across the road, closing it off?

Would such right also mean that anyone could purchase properties on opposite sides of a road, with the intention of combining them and the separating section of the said road into, say, a single building site?

Ray Turner,

Tiplady Close,

Easingwold, York