ANOTHER Post Office in York is set to close next month.

Burton Stone Lane Post Office, located in the Heron Foods store, is set to close on March 16, less than four years since it opened.

A spokesman for the Post Office said it was investigating the options available which will enable the reinstatement of a Post Office service to the local community.

York Central MP, Rachael Maskell said: “This is a huge blow to Clifton. This is the second time in four years that Clifton residents have been left without Post Office services.

“I have arranged to meet with the Post Office to see what can be done to ensure the closure is temporary and residents are not without the use of local service for too long.”

Clifton Councillor Margaret Wells said: “I am disappointed to hear that we are losing the Post Office again. Before Heron Foods opened Clifton was without a Post Office for 18 months. Everyone was relieved when services were reinstated. It is very disappointing but, like last time, we will work with the Post Office and residents to try and make sure services are restored.”