THE number of school places available at a York primary school is set to be reduced.

From September 2021, the number of pupils admitted each year to Bishopthorpe Infant School is due to be cut from 60 to 50 - to help the school organise its classes more appropriately and use resources more efficiently - according to a City of York Council report.

It says there are more reception places at the school than are needed.

The report, prepared for a council meeting today, says: "The reduced published admission numbed (PAN) and reorganised class structure would allow for the physical spaces to be utilised more effectively and also increase to possibility of areas to use for interventions and other activities.

"Reducing the PAN would allow the school to make strategic decisions about structures and resources that will allow the school to run in a financially sustainable manner to best meet the needs of the children and the local community.

"The school have committed to review this should numbers and/or demand increase again in the future. However there are currently no plans for future housing developments in the surrounding area that would attract young families.

"In recent years, the number of places allocated at the year of entry to Bishopthorpe Infant School has been below the PAN of 60. In 2017 56 places were allocated, 59 places in 2018 and only 51 places were allocated in 2019."

Consultations took place on the plans.

Changes to admission numbers at other York schools that are run by academy trusts, rather than the local authority, will also be considered at the meeting.

They include plans to increase the reception class intake at Rufforth Primary School from 14 to 15 pupils, and to decrease reception places at Lakeside Primary School from 60 to 45.

It adds that changes to pupil numbers can affect funding.

For schools with an increasing number of pupils - those extra places will not be funded for the first seven months, or 12 months for academies. But cash can come from the pupil growth fund.

The meeting takes place at 4pm at West Offices.