Made In Dagenham The Musical, Joseph Rowntree Theatre Company, Joseph Rowntree Theatre, York

STRIKES, car plants and protests over equal pay may not sound like the perfect ingredients for a fun night out, but Joseph Rowntree Theatre Company will prove you wrong.

Made In Dagenham The Musical is based on the hit movie about the true story of female seamstresses at Ford’s plant in Dagenham who took on the US motor company, the TUC, the government (and by implication centuries of patriarchy) to land a historic victory in the battle of the sexes.

After discovering they are to be dropped a pay grade and classed as “unskilled" workers, they down tools and take up placards to fight for equal pay.

Leading the campaign for equal pay is Rita O’Grady, a working mother thrown into the political limelight almost by accident. Rita is the linchpin role and is played with polish and passion by the outstanding Jennie Wogan. The JRTC is lucky to have such a talented actress among their crew.

The supporting cast are stellar too, with special mention to Helen Singhateh as the vivacious and teasing Beryl, Martyn Hunter as the pipe-smoking PM Harold Wilson, and Kayleigh Oliver who not only directed the show with flair and energy but takes one of the star roles as Barbara Castle, the fiery Secretary of State for Employment and Productivity.

This show is on until Saturday – go see it!

Maxine Gordon