A YORK-BASED writer and blogger, who suffers from a chronic illness, has released her debut book to help students in a similar situation.

Pippa Stacey has released her non-fiction book titled ‘University and Chronic Illness: A Survival Guide’.

While studying psychology in education at the University of York, Pippa was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) during her first year of study in 2015.

ME causes persistent fatigue, chronic pain and intense exhaustion. Her symptoms led to Pippa barely being able to stand on her own.

Before this, she led a sporty active lifestyle at university, travelling up and down the country with university sports teams and taking part in dance competitions.

The young author said: “During my first year of university I was your typical student, studying hard and partying.”

Following her diagnosis, Pippa decided to write her debut book to support students in a similar situation to her.

Pippa said: “The book is a chatty and informative resource, designed to help prospective and current students consider the challenges they may face whilst studying with a fluctuating health condition.

“Essentially, it’s a book of all the things I wish I’d had somebody to tell me during my own time as a chronically ill student.”

With the book, Pippa hopes to be able to provide practical insight and advice to show “there’s nobody’s path to follow but your own.”

As well as writing the book, Pippa also writes an online blog called ‘Life of Pippa’, where she has a community of loyal readers.

Pippa’s book can be purchased at : https://bit.ly/37YUIwD