SPECSAVERS York is expanding the store’s ability to recycle people's contact lenses and packaging in a bid to reduce the town’s plastic usage.

While the cardboard boxes and solution bottles can be recycled through regular household recycling, until now, the same couldn’t be said for the plastic packaging for contact lenses, which often get sent to landfill.

The store’s new scheme now allows for this plastic to be recycled, regardless of where the lenses were purchased.

Specsavers in York is also expanding its contact lens offering, with the store now offering customers a free trial, with a valid sight test. The free trial includes fitting and clinically assessing contact lenses while offering advice on how to handle lenses.

Additionally, those who have previously been told that they are not suitable for contact lenses because they need varifocals, reading glasses or have a stigmatism, are now suitable to wear an increased range of contact lenses.

The opticians’ highly trained and dedicated care team will be on hand to provide advice and support, both during your trial period and through your continued future wear.

Deryck Watts, store director at Specsavers York, said: "We love being able to see the impact our contact lenses have on the quality of life of our clients. What makes that even better is the impact we’ll now have on the environment to recycle the lens packaging."

Any contact lens waste produced in store or brought in by the public, regardless of where purchased, will be stored and sent to TerraCycle.