FORMER guitarist for the “king of pop,” Michael Jackson, is set to perform in North Yorkshire alongside a tribute act.

Jennifer Batten performed with the Michael across the globe on all three of his record-breaking world tours.

In total, she played with Michael in front of over 4.5 million people all over the world.

She also featured heavily in the star’s iconic Super Bowl show.

Now Jennifer has teamed up with Navi, a Michael Jackson tribute act, as a part of the ‘The King Of Pop: The Legend Continues’ show.

Jennifer said: “I’m really looking forward to playing Michael Jackson’s music again with a top notch tribute.

“I remember the crowds in UK were mad crazy for Michael.”

The production is set to feature all of Jackson’s mega-hits, from Smooth Criminal to Thriller.

Navi, who has now worked as a Michael Jackson impersonator for over three decades, was hired by the star himself to act as his official body double.

The show will be performed at Scarborough Spa on Friday April 24.

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased via The Spa Box Office on 01723 821888 or via