A DAUGHTER has been jailed for seven months because she persistently visited her parents.

Jennifer Louise Howes was banned by a court restraining order from contacting her mother or father or going to their home after she admitted assaulting her mother.

But between December 2 and January 4 she broke the order five times.

York magistrates told her they had no alternative but to jail her.

Howes, 31, of The Sidings, Eggborough, pleaded guilty to breaching the restraining order on January 4.

She was on a 10-month suspended prison sentence imposed on December 13 for five other breaches of the restraining order committed in December, and for assaulting her mother.

Magistrates ordered her to serve six months of the suspended sentence, plus four weeks for the January offence.

Kathryn Reeve, prosecuting, said the order was imposed to protect Howes’ parents from her.

But on January 4, she turned up at their house asking for money, saying she needed it to get to a chemist’s. Her father sent her away with £30.

But she returned and sat crying on their doorstep.

When police arrived, she tried to run away, but they arrested her in the parents’ back garden.

For her, Nigel Boddy said she was ashamed of her behaviour.

She had been desperate to get to a chemist’s on January 4 for a methadone prescription because she hadn’t had the medicine for three days.

She had had great difficulty in the two weeks previously in getting to a chemist’s during their opening hours as Eggborough is a "remote village with little in the way of public transport".

She had asked her parents for a bike so she could cycle seven miles from her home to the chemist’s in Knottingley.

She planned to move to Knottingley which would make it easier for her to get to the chemist’s, and would take away from her parents’ address.