Someone must have been listening.

The Theatre Royal Christmas panto is in decline, so the House of Lords will move here and take its place.

Yorkies will be able to enjoy pantomime all year round.

Mike Emmans Dean,

Peel Close,

Heslington, York

Could Debenhams be a new home for the Lords?

I think moving the House of Lords here could be very good for York. The empty Debenhams store would be ideal. I don’t know what’s on the upper floors but it could easily be flats for the House and very close to the railway station.

Dave Matthewman,

Green Lane, Acomb

The Lords coming to York would benefit Darlington

Can I just say how very pleased I am that the House of Lords is being moved to York? (Lords could be moved to York, January 20). I work in York. I hope it isn’t long before the House of Commons comes north to York permanently too.

This has big immediate consequences for Darlington, where I live. Plainly the plan to refurbish and extend the National Railway Museum at York must now be cancelled. No one wants to see building workers dig up part of Leeman Road in York anyway. No one wanted to see part of Leeman Road closed to traffic permanently. No one will want that degree of disruption behind York Railway station if the House of Lords is to be moved to York too.

Cancellation of the National Railway Museum project would free up funds of £53 million. This museum is perfectly fine as it is. The arguments to spend that money instead in Darlington, on the bi-centennial of the Stockton to Darlington Railway in 2025, are now much stronger.

I am sure everyone in York will (like me) welcome their Lordships to the lovely city of York. To (Alexander) Boris Johnson, I’d just like to say, thank you for listening.

Councillor Nigel Boddy,

Fife Road,