A YORK bus operator has apologised to passengers after several windows on a double decker smashed when it dropped into a pothole, tilted and struck a parked removals van.

First York was responding after a passenger contacted The Press to tell of her shock at the collision, which happened in Tadcaster Road as she was on the Number 4 bus with her new-born baby Darcie.

Chloe Thompson, of Cornlands Road, claimed the vehicle twice hit the kerb and jolted prior to the accident, rocking Darcie’s head and making passengers scream.

She claimed the driver then tried to squeeze through a gap left by the van but didn’t make it, and the collision shattered windows on the bus’s top deck. There were people upstairs but fortunately, none appeared to have been sitting next to the windows which broke. She got off outside the Everyman cinema because it didn’t feel safe staying on any more, and she received no apology from the driver, and then missed a Job Centre appointment as a result of getting off before intended.

A First York spokesman said the gap where the van was parked had been wide enough. "But in passing the van, the left wheels of the bus dropped into a large dip/pothole in the road, causing the top of the bus to tilt to the left, whereby it came into contact with the very top corner of the van,” he said.

“We have no reports of any injuries to passengers. Our driver reported the incident immediately and a member of staff attended the scene within a few minutes.”

He said the driver followed the correct procedures following a collision and tried to speak to the van driver but the bus was blocking traffic, so he moved it to the next safe place to pull over. He said all passengers got off while the bus returned to depot for inspection and repair, and a member of staff at the scene swapped details with the van driver. “We understand it was only minor damage to the van.”

Head of Operation Robert Chesman said: “We would like to apologise to everyone on board, including the couple with their baby, for any distress caused and are relieved that no one was injured. Our driver followed the correct procedure following a collision and another member of the team attended the scene to provide assistance. The safety and wellbeing of our passengers, drivers and the public are our number one priority and we are conducting a full investigation."

"This includes reviewing CCTV footage from our on-board camera and interviews with the driver before deciding any action and the need for additional training."