York residents will have the chance to give their views on an international stained glass collection that needs a £100,000 restoration.

The priest and congregation of All Saints Church in North Street is inviting the public to talk to expert consultants about the future of their 13 mediaeval windows.

They date back to the late fourteenth and early fifteen century and are in urgent need of restoration and preservation.

The church will open its doors on Saturday as part of Residents Festival Weekend when residents including families with children could tour the building and test digital resources.

The experts will be available between 11am and 2pm to hear residents' views and answer questions about the church's plans to restore the building.

Visitors will also be able to attend and hear Vespers sung in Latin at 5pm.

The church plans to submit a grant application to the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The church website says: "The glass is not only of great quality, but is also of exceptional iconographic interest, with windows depicting rare and in one instance, unique, subjects in stained glass.

"The windows offer a glimpse into the devotional life of a wealthy and literate late medieval parish.

"It is one of the most extensive parish church collections to survive the Reformation, offering insights into the devotional lives of the laymen and women who donated the windows."

There have been previous repairs, including re-leading to safeguard their structural stability. The most recent was in the 1960s and 1970s.

The church is hoping to raise £100,000 to install protective glazing to act as weather shields and to prevent chemical deterioration of the inside and outside the windows which has already reduced the amount of paint and stain on the glass.