York Central MP Rachael Maskell has welcomed the news that the House of Lords could move to the city.

She believes it could bring thousands of jobs and major improvements to York's infrastructure, particularly transport and transport links.

The good rail links between London and York are believed one of the reasons why the Prime Minister is considering the proposal.

According to the Sunday Times, Boris Johnson ordered officials to start work on the practicalities of the proposals last week.

If it goes through, more than 800 peers would sit in a specially constructed building on part of the York Central development site.

Ms Maskell said: "It would be incredible for York. We would get infrastructure improvements, particularly for transport.

"It would create hundreds, thousands of jobs, good quality jobs."

She will be writing to Boris Johnson today about the move and will be lobbying for York to house the Upper House.

She is in favour of a wholly elected Upper House to the Houses of Parliament.

According to the Sunday Times, one proposal being considered is for the House of Commons to become a House of Regions and Nations, with its members representing different parts of the UK.

Ms Maskell wants to know more about the details of the move plans.

"I would want to know how the plans work," she said.

And she wants assurance that it is not "tokenism", or an idea that is being floated by Downing Street to distract attention from other matters.

She hopes that if Parliament sits in York, it would bring the problems of York's communities into sharper focus for those who sit in power.