A PODCAST for pets has been created - thanks to research by University of York academics.

The four episodes - recorded for dogs whose owners have left them at home while they run chores or go to work - aims to help lonely pups relax.

Psychologist Alex Benjamin from the university helped create the series My Dog's Favourite Podcast for Spotify.

Her work explores the impact of human voices on animal behaviour.

She said: “Dogs are extremely social animals but, in order to fit in with our busy lives, may spend some time by themselves during the day.

“My Dog’s Favourite Podcast” is a bespoke podcast that is designed to encourage your dog to relax through calming gentle praise and story-like speech accompanied by original music and gentle ambient sounds designed to help mask startling sounds of the outside world such as traffic, car doors slamming or the bins being emptied, for example.

“I hope that the podcast becomes a fun and useful resource for owners to explore with their dogs while they are at home together as well as when their dog is alone for short periods.”

The podcast is narrated by Call the Midwife’s Jessica Raine and Ralph Ineson, known for his role as Finchy in The Office.

The Spotify series includes messages of reassurance and specially commissioned music by composer Daniel Knight.