YORK magistrates have ordered a dog owner to keep his bulldogs under proper control after hearing they had caused “numerous problems” in his neighbourhood.

Victoria Waudby, on behalf of City of York Council, told them Ben Adam Cairns’ three dogs were loose in Burgess Walk, Foxwood, on May 23, barking and fighting with another dog in the presence of children.

The court heard that on June 12, one of Mr Cairns’ dogs grabbed another dog by the scruff in Sherringham Drive, Woodthorpe, and injured it so badly it needed surgery, she said.

On October 16, Mr Cairns was walking two of the dogs when one of them tried to pull a terrier cross under a fence until it got stuck and needed freeing by its owner, she said.

Applying to the magistrates for civil control orders for each dog, Mrs Waudby said: “The council say they have caused numerous problems within the local area.”

Mr Cairns, 32, of Foxwood Lane, Acomb, did not contest the making of the orders.

His solicitor Ghaz Iqbal said Mr Cairns disputed details about the incidents involving his dogs.