I FEEL I must write to you about the plans for an 11-storey apartment block in Rougier street (The Press, January 11).

I seem to remember that any building built in York was not supposed to be more than six storeys high - especially in the vicinity of York Minster where it could block the view. Rougier Street has always been a windy street since the insurance offices were built, and I fear another high rise will make this worse, along with blocking out the sun.

I am 72 years old and I love our beautiful city and feel very proud to live here. Please do not ruin it like other towns and cities with high rise buildings.

Mrs J Johnson,

Dringhouses, York

A Roman Jorvik could be just what we need

I FELT really excited at reading the front page of The York Press on Saturday (January 11). The headline was about the bid for an ‘iconic’ attraction and 11-storey apartment block. What grabbed my attention, however, was this ‘iconic’ attraction - a new Roman museum.

Perhaps my imagination got the better of me, but if it follows the same vision as the Jorvik Viking Centre, then York could be onto a winner. With constant shop closures forming a dark shroud of despair, this might be the answer to a new vibrant York.

Phil Shepherdson,

Chantry Close, Woodthorpe, York