What genius builds an 8000-seater stadium with 400 parking spaces and wants cars barred from the city centre?

Give them a medal and get your bike out.

I guess I won’t be going to any City or Knights games if it’s an hour or more on the bus either way.

Cycling on the bypass seems a bit dangerous to me.

PS: I hope Harry realises Out means Out.

John Zimnoch,

(Grumpy of Osbaldwick),

Osbaldwick, York

Why did the stadium move out of town?

Why on Earth did the stadium for York City and the Knights move out of town?

To me there were far better locations near the centre of York.

Back in the past I suggested British Sugar.

Others have suggested the teardrop site (now known as York Central), where the stadium could have had its own station.

History shows Clarence Street and Bootham Crescent were built with the idea of being near the supporters they served.

I am surprised that there were no surveys done about traffic and parking and the problem of numbers using Monks Cross.

It already takes ages to get around the ring road.

Timothy Wynn-Werninck,

Dodgson Terrace,

Acomb, York

Stadium arrangements show lack of forethought

Nothing gets people’s backs up quite like football does it - except for cars. Usually I couldn’t care less whether the latest football news involves a team winning the Premier League or a star player being jailed as I’ve no interest in it at all.

But after visiting the cinema at the new community stadium last week I can’t help but agree with those expressing serious concern over the transport problems. There hasn’t been a single match played, yet on my visit people were already having to park illegally outside of the designated bays at 9pm on a Saturday evening.

When this project is shown to be a total failure of strategic planning, will the consultants who developed it with such obviously flawed visitor capacity and in totally the wrong location be sacked? Obviously not. And will the politicians responsible for approving it do the decent thing and fall on their sword after scoring such a massive own goal? No, they’ll end up pointing the finger at each other.

Dr Scott Marmion, Woodthorpe, York