Where, oh where does the Labour Party go from here? It is in a dire position after the December General Election calamitous results under Jeremy Corbyn.

As a Conservative I am delighted that we now have stable politics with a resounding majority but, as a democrat, I lament this political situation which is bad for a robust democracy. Labour lost the plot and identity with its core supporters and has already been out of office for ten years. Nobody knew what the party stood for - complete muddle and fudge.

They have lost touch with their core membership and they’ve chosen the wrong leaders. Ed rather than David Miliband followed by Corbyn, chosen by a left-infiltrated £3 Momentum membership and a Len McClusky Unite vote. This takeover has killed the party with a leader who was never fit to be a prime minister. Labour has lost a generation of its finest because they failed to sort out the deep-rooted problems that were obvious.

I trust Sir Keir Starmer, who has probity and must be a frontrunner but lacks charisma. Jess Philips is real Labour . But can either of them swing the centre ground that is vital to regain power?

Keith Massey,