PLANS to ban traffic in York “must not impact city centre residents” - says a Labour councillor.

The proposals to stop non-essential car journeys within the city walls were put forward by the Labour group and backed by the majority of councillors.

But Guildhall councillor Fiona Fitzpatrick has urged the local authority to make residents the priority.

She said: “Residents in many parts of Guildhall ward have already expressed what positive change restricted city centre access could deliver for city centre streets, and I’m really encouraged by that.

“But they are clear, as am I, that restrictions should not impact their ability to get to and from their homes.

“Many residents are fed up with congestion around where they live with some streets still being used as rat-runs, so I think they will welcome the restrictions so long as they can still get to and from their homes as everyone else in the city is able to do.

“I’m confident this will be guaranteed as part of any future scheme.”

She praised York Civic Trust for its recently published transport survey - which highlighted concerns over pollution and climate change.

And she has called on residents with concerns about traffic within the city walls to get in touch.

Conservative councillors - who voted against the motion to stop non essential car journeys in the city centre by 2023 - also urged the authority to be “extremely cautious”.