A HAIRDRESSER who caused "mayhem" through her week-long vandalism campaign against people who had annoyed her, has been jailed.

Jessica Dorothy Fearn, 25, threw water bombs and squirted paint out of a BMW onto pedestrians and defaced cars and a building with more paint, said Jessica Lister, prosecuting.

Defence solicitor Tabitha Buck said the victims had made remarks about Fearn's deceased partner that she didn't like, and she was immature.

Fearn, of Forge Close, Huntington, pleaded guilty to four charges of criminal damage and two of assault.

As she cried in the dock at York Magistrates Court district judge Adrian Lower told her whether or not the victims had done her wrong "two wrongs don't make a right."

"These were six wrongs on your part.

"This sort of repeated, planned, targeted anti-social behaviour is so serious, it must be dealt with by the imposition of an immediate custodial sentence," he said.

"I cannot suspend (the sentence) because of the sheer number of cases and the mayhem you caused over a week."

He jailed her for 20 weeks, banned her from driving for 62 weeks because she had used the BMW to drive to her targets, and ordered her to pay a total of £295 compensation to the victims.

She had no previous convictions.

Ms Lister said the attacks began on 30 August when Fearn threw water bombs on a couple walking in New Lane. They believed they were apples.

The next day, she squirted paint onto the same people in Brockfield Park Drive.

In the next few days, she vandalised cars and a home with paint in Whitestone Drive, Lawrence Square off Hull Road, and White Rose Avenue.

Ms Buck said Fearn's partner had died in November 2018, and she had been the recipient of unpleasant remarks as a result.

The solicitor said: "This was her way of dealing with her grief."

She apologised for her behaviour and accepted she needed help in managing her emotions and anger.

Fearn ran her own hairdressing business which would stop if she was jailed.