A WOMAN fought with another woman outside a York infant school - knocking a small child off her bike, a court heard.

Stacey Charlene Wynn, 24, fought with the other woman outside Carr Infants School in Acomb, said Jessica Lister, prosecuting.

The father of the child knocked off her bike pulled the two women apart.

Wynn had started the incident by confronting the second woman, calling her names and swearing at her, said Ms Lister.

During the incident, the second woman had lost some of her hair extensions and false nails.

Defence solicitor Tabitha Buck made allegations about the second woman’s conduct towards Wynn’s sister and said Wynn had over-reacted.

On the day she turned 24, Wynn, who gave her address as Ostman Road, Acomb, stood in the dock of York Magistrates' Court to be sentenced after pleading guilty to a public order offence committed on November 19.

She had no previous convictions.

“What a way to spend your birthday,” district judge Adrian Lower told her. “You are not entitled to decide the law of the jungle applies and you will sort it out yourself by giving (the other woman) what for in public.”

Young children had been very upset and distressed by the sight of “two grown women grappling and shouting at each other” and knocking a little child off her child's bicycle outside the school gate, he said. He sentenced Wynn to a 12-month community order with 150 hours’ unpaid work and ordered her to pay a £90 statutory surcharge and £85 prosecution costs.

Ms Buck said: “This is an isolated incident for an individual who has in her words, been pushed to the limit and taken justice into her own hands.”

Wynn was on a trainee management course and her employer had suspended her for a time as a result of the incident. Wynn’s sister had been going through a difficult and traumatic time, said the solicitor.