I find myself becoming more dismayed by complacency in our city.

What happened at Christmas to our market stall-holders was a disgrace. Now the Great Yorkshire Fringe says it can’t work with York any more (Fringe won’t be returning this summer, The Press, January 9).

Why aren’t the people responsible for managing the city centre brought to task?

Now it’s the turn of the Liberal Democrats and Greens to run the council. One of them woke up and thought ‘let’s ban traffic in York’ and we shrug our shoulders again.

Let’s stop being so complacent and put a stop to their student antics and get our city back to being run by professionals again.

The money wasted by City of York Council on consultants is staggering - there’s no money left to any work.

John West,

The Copper Beeches,


Editor’s note: the motion to ban non-essential car users from the centre of York by 2023 was put forward by a Labour councillor