THEATRE Royal bosses have denied any decisions have been taken about the much-loved pantomime in the wake of fresh allegations from a leading cast member today.

Suzy Cooper, a veteran star of the panto, told The Press that the cast were: "told in a meeting last night that the Theatre will be changing the writing and directing team."

However, a spokesman for the Theatre told The Press today that no decisions have been made over the future of the pantomime and that they are still on schedule for the announcement next month.

Suzy said: "It was very upsetting. We were told in a meeting before back-to-back shows yesterday.

"I am very sad that it has come to this. We want to come back and do what we do for the audiences.

"They may have something new and fresh for the next performances, who knows."

The spokesman for the Theatre said: "We are still on schedule to make an announcement in early February.

"Nobody has been told they are not coming back next but, but on the same token, nobody has been told that they are.

"Until we have decided what we are doing, no decisions like that can be taken.

"Tom Bird is still talking through with the programme planners what we are going to do next year."

Tom Bird revealed on Twitter today that the Theatre plan to be "brave," in 2020.

York Press:

This follow fears in recent days that the pantomime may be axed all together.

These fears were expressed by both Suzy and co-star, David Leonard.

It was revealed in The Press earlier today that a petition was also started earlier this week to stop the axing of the pantomime. The petition can be accessed here.