So now Mr Trump is threatening to target cultural sites in Iran because of the heightening tension in the Persian Gulf (Unease over Trump, January 7).

I wonder whether, when IS destroyed a lot of the cultural sites in Syria and other places, did he by any chance condemn those acts of destruction?

Why do men always have to be at each other’s throats causing wars and the deaths of so many people?

Let’s pray that the tension calms down and instead of threats these men start to talk and think of others and not just their own egos.

Maureen Robinson, Broadway

Why can’t Theatre Royal fund itself?

The council is to give £500,000 to improve accessibility to the Theatre Royal (tax hike to help care and culture, January 7).

Why not let the theatre be self sufficient and not waste council tax on it? I’m sure there are better things to spend the money on, like resurfacing and paths. Or how about refurbishing the council offices, they must be five years old now? Sarcasm, by the way...

S Robinson,

Huntington, York