I write with regard to the permanent security measures which will be put in place in York city centre to replace those at the recent Christmas Market.

I would like City of York Council to seriously a much softer and equally safe solution, such as in the photo on this page. They’re such a lovely alternative to the security barriers and can be left in place on a permanent basis or moved around when necessary. As well as the long term security this could bring much needed colour and evergreen trees to York city centre.

I would like to suggest if implemented that this would be yet another great future attraction in the city centre for the people of York and visitors alike.

To install you need a lorry with a small crane capable of lifting a one ton, one metre high plant pot filled with soil and an evergreen tree.

These pots can easily be moved around when needed as they do in the beautiful city of Alicante in Spain during holidays, festivals etc. It’s a total win win situation.

Paul Ruttle,

Wetherby Road, York