NORTHERN has launched a 10p flash sale today, Tuesday.

More than 180,000 advanced tickets are available for as low as 10p for adults and 5p for children, according to the firm.

They are for passengers travelling between January 13 and February 14 and February 24 and 25.

Northern runs trains out of York Station and has headquarters in Rougier Street.

However the move has been slammed by the head of the TSSA transport union Manuel Cortes who says the public 'won't be fooled'.

There is growing speculation that Northern could soon be stripped of its franchise to operate trains in the region.

Mr Cortes said: “Northern have a cheek trying to hoodwink commuters with this gratuitous gimmick. The public simply won’t be fooled by this nonsense which comes only a few days after yet another disgraceful hike in rail fares across the network.

“If Northern think they can get around the real anger people feel across the North about what they have to endure on a daily basis because of this failing franchise then they had better think again.

“Northern is a basket case which must come under public control without further delay. The only way to turn this mess around is to create a system in our country which works for passengers rather than profiteers.”