I READ again, with dismay, that councillors want to ban the car (Plan to ban cars from city centre within three years, The Press, December 31). However they ‘pretty it up’, that is what they want to do.

To ensure this ‘plan’ works York would have to have in place the Barbara Castle plan where buses go down every street in the city to ensure every resident can get from point A to point B easily. Two things come straight to mind:

1. This is just a backhanded way for the council to close Lendal Bridge again.

2. What about the people who are not able to or choose not to cycle or walk?

This is our city, councillors work for us and should ask our opinion on their proposal, should they not? May I suggest a city-wide referendum? Of course, if this did happen then they would just ignore it anyway and say we are too stupid to know what we want if they do not get the result they want.

Judith Morris (Mrs),

Moorland Road, Fulford