Once again I submit my summary of the year’s letters in The Press.

The Letters page continues to be a popular feature with Press readers – for many this is the first page read when receiving a copy of the paper.

I have kept records as in previous years of the total of letters published in 2019, which reads as follows:

Total: 1,664, compared with 2,074 in 2018 – a drop of 410.

Most published correspondent:

A.V. Martin, 73 published letters

Geoff Robb, 72

D.M Deamer, 69

Peter Rickaby, 65

Although a different order, these were the same top four as 2018.

Ken Thorpe, Ebor Way, Upper Poppleton, York

Let’s have no more Brexit letters, please!

Now that 2019 is in the past and we can move on from all the furore over that awful word Brexit, we can hopefully look forward to letters on other subjects.

Whether you agreed with the writers or not, and whether you are a remainer or a leaver, one thing was clear in a lot of the letters: care in the community ain’t working.

Happy New Year to all!

Les Coverdale, Elvington, York