How sad it was to read in The Press of the passing of York’s legendary rugby league forward Basil ‘Baz’ Watts (Tributes to York Rugby League player Basil Watts, January 3).

When I was a young supporter he was one of the weekend heroes I used to go and watch, along with my father.

In the days when the England and Great Britain teams were selected from all the teams in one league, not just a dozen or so ‘Super league’ teams, it was harder to make the top grade. Yet Baz did it on several occasions, even being a member of a world cup winning team

York born and bred, Baz was the idol of many rugby league fans and a joy to watch. I’m sure his memory will live on for many years to come.

God bless you Baz, and thanks for the memories.

Brian Watson,

Beckfield Lane, York