FOLLOWING its most recent inspection, a private day nursery in Osbaldwick has been rated outstanding by Ofsted for the second time.

Tiddlywinks day nursery, in Murton Way, say they are the first nursery in the York area to retain an outstanding rating from government inspectors.

This is following the nursery getting the same rating as it did at its previous inspection in 2013.

This is a significant achievement as not only is it the second time it has been awarded, it has also been awarded following a change in the Ofsted inspection framework.

These changes came into effect on September 1, 2019.

Tracey Brooks, the company director of Tiddlywinks, said: “This was an incredible achievement to gain outstanding once was fantastic, but to achieve that grading again, and with a brand new inspection framework, is just wonderful.

“I am immensely proud of all the staff for their hard work and commitment to providing what is quite simply excellent childcare and education to families in and around York.

“We also cannot thank our parents and children enough for all their support and kind words, it was just amazing.”

The report from Ofsted praises the “welcoming and stimulating,” environment in the nursery and discussed the high levels of motivation and confidence of both the staff and the children at the nursery.

It also explained how the staff’s knowledge helps the children to remain focused and engaged at all times.

The report praised the leaders at the nursery, explaining that they “rigorously,” monitor the quality of provision and support their staff well to perform even better.

As well as this, it explained how the children at the nursery develop a love of being outside, active and “excellent,” physical skills.