A YORK primary school has thanked a local business for its show of support to a recent initiative to improve pupil attendance.

Westfield Primary School, in Askham Lane, Acomb, received a donation of a brand new bike from Recycle York, a second-hand bike retailer.

The bike was given as a prize to the pupil who won the attendance raffle, organised by the school last term.

John Hattam, who works at the primary school, said: “We are very grateful for the kind donation from Recycle York, it is much appreciated by the school.”

The attendance initiative was introduced by the school to improve attendance figures and encourage children to maintain a high attendance.

For every week a pupil had 100 per cent attendance, they received a raffle ticket.

Therefore, the better the pupil’s attendance, the higher the chance they had of winning the brand new bike.

The raffle was drawn just before pupils at the school broke up for Christmas at the end of last term.