SIR – Christian Vassie’s grandiose vision for transforming the city centre (The Press, December 28) is high in rhetoric, but non-existent in any details of how long his plans will take to build to completion, what the potential disruption to both businesses and normal folk will be, and how much it will all cost.

How much borrowing, interest payments, loan repayments and increases in council tax bills will there be? Once it has all been costed and timescaled, there must be a local referendum on whether to proceed or not. This is too important a decision to be decided solely by councillors with vested interests.

Has the carbon footprint, Mr Vassie’s pet phrase, of all this new infrastructure been calculated? How does he know that York people want their city centre to resemble a Dutch railway station? Before last May’s Council election, did he tell the voters about his dreams when only 16.8% of the electorate of Wheldrake voted for him? Has he found the mysterious Jeremy Corbyn money tree?

Geoff Robb, Hunters Close, Dunnington

Better public transport is desperately needed

SIR – While vigorously applauding York Council’s ambitious plan to remove private cars from within the bar walls (The Press, December 31), is now an apposite moment to enquire if a suitable plan exists to improve the current, appalling paucity of public transport presently operating within the confines of those self same walls?

Richard D Bowen,

Farrar Street, York

Who will decide?

SIR – The Council aims to outlaw all non-essential private car journeys within the city walls by 2023. Who will determine the meaning of “non-essential”?

Peter Rickaby,

West Park, Selby

When will there be movement on ramp?

SIR – During the work on Scarborough Bridge it was reported in this newspaper that funds would be available to make the steep steps at the bottom of Marygate and St Mary’s Lane to be wheelchair-friendly. There is nothing happening to date. Let us hope this promised improvement to benefit the disabled will be carried out soon.

Brian Roberts, Chestnut Avenue, York

For safety’s sake, drive with your lights on

SIR – With these long dark damp miserable days of winter upon us its surprising how many of the drivers of older cars drive without lights on in adverse weather conditions. It’s a proven fact that daylight running lights make vehicles more easily visible in daylight and I think that all vehicles should display lights at all time, day and night.

D M Deamer, Penleys Grover Street, Monkgate, York