Throughout the election campaign, Boris Johnson was fond of banging on about the importance of being a 'sovereign independent nation' and 'taking back control'.

In the very first week of his Government, his actions suggest the exact opposite. US owned Advent Industrials, a private equity firm, was given approval by the Government to buy UK-owned Cobham, an important supplier to Britain's military. This puts important aspects of Britain's defence industry under direct US control.

The takeover had been criticised by the security services as posing an unacceptable threat to the security of the UK. Lord Heseltine, who served as defence secretary under Margaret Thatcher, said: 'No other country in the world would allow serious defence contractors to be sold off without proper scrutiny. Johnson is prepared to sell anything before breakfast. I think that is unwise'. However, Boris Johnson thinks that the threat to UK security is 'acceptable'.

What this says is clear: Boris Johnson and his cohorts are putting UK PLC up for sale. Remember that when they say that the NHS is not for sale.

Mr Johnson might claim that he is taking back control, but it appears that this might relate more to the country of his birth rather than the UK.

Cllr Tony Fisher, Liberal Democrat, Strensall ward, West End, Strensall

When is a Prophet really a profit?

The Bible tells us that with the birth of Jesus a great Prophet came through the land. Spelling apart, not much has changed.  Happy Christmas all.

JA Whitmore, Haxby