I WAS intrigued to see a reader’s angry reaction to the York Press review of Sleeping Beauty (What a mean review, Letters, December 14).

Critic Charles Hutchinson has been reviewing this panto for decades and has always given it an extremely positive write-up. This time round, for various reasons, the review was perhaps not as glowing.

Charles Hutchinson is doing his job. He is a principled journalist and a theatre critic of integrity, not a publicist and a sycophant. People have come to expect pure all-round excellence from this panto and the seat prices demand it. If, as Hutchinson suggests, there is less lustre on the sets then that is unacceptable, the Yorkies won’t wear it.

For me personally the film section with Harry Gration is squirmingly dreary. We see enough of him on a screen all year round thank you. Screens no. Live innovative performance? Yes please.

There is also much to enjoy, according to Hutchinson’s review, and wild horses will not keep us away. We will judge for ourselves.

Brian McCusker,

Hartoft Street, York